Incredible surprise as the CBC uses my song, “Lay It On The Line,” in a video montage televised nationally for Hockey Day In Canada!

Hey everyone!
By now, most of you heard that my hockey song, “Lay It On The Line,” wasn’t chosen as the winner for CBC’s SongQuest competition this year, who were searching for the next great hockey song.  With all of your support, the song did extremely well, “officially” placing in the Top 50 out of 1000 songs which were submitted from across the country. When the Top 10 was announced, and I didn’t see my name in there, I must admit that I was a little disappointed. That is not to say that the other entries weren’t deserving, it’s just that in my heart, I truly felt that this song was the perfect fit and had a real chance to win.  Ultimately, I took solace in the fact that the CBC had a hard choice to make with so many great songs, and so I looked at it like a positive…not a negative!
Why am I recapping all of this are you wondering???…..
Well, as you know, this past weekend was the biggest weekend for hockey in our great nation, and for the NHL. “Hockey Day In Canada” is a weekend celebrated every year by all Canadians across the nation.  There are festivities, events, and much fanfare about our beloved game, and as you know from my earlier emails, the winner of SongQuest was to have their song officially debut the “Hockey Day In Canada” proceedings with a Nationally televised video montage edited to the winning song….
So it’s exactly 1:39 PM on Saturday…and my girlfriend Angie and I are about to leave the house to run errands when I hear my phone beep with an email alert…non-chalantly, I read it over real quick, hit my lock button, then throw the phone back in my pocket.  Suddenly, the magnitude of the email hits, and I open up my phone again, and read the following message:

SAL! Hope you’re tuning in to the 2pm ET game for Hockey Day. YOUR SONG QUEST ENTRY will air at the top. Apparently the Hockey Night team loved it, and wanted to figure out a way to squeeze it on the air even though it didn’t win.

Enjoy and congratulations!
Associate Producer, CBC Music
OMG…it’s now 1:49 PM, so I read the message to Angie…and the two of us race for the tv…as she scrambles to find the channel and figure out the PVR, I call my parents, text my aunts, etc etc…before we could even process what was happening, at 1:55 PM, the “Hockey Day In Canada” program on the CBC was starting…with a full, almost 2 minute long video montage to my song, “Lay It On The Line.” I couldn’t believe it…such a numb and totally surreal moment.  For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the CBC posted the video montage on their site, where it can be viewed here (note for some reason the link doesn’t work well with cell phone viewing so watch it from your computer):

Somehow, the stars aligned, I took a chance, and apparently, so did someone else….and all I can say is “THANK YOU UNIVERSE!” What a special moment not only for me, but for all of my friends and family who have supported me through the years…for a Canadian boy growing up with a hockey dream, this was as close to “making good on a second chance at the pros” as one could ask for.  I can only hope that some more good will come of this, and that a few doors will open for me while I chase this musical dream…
Thanks to all of you for all the positive energy, love, and support…this small victory as as much YOURS as it is mine…
Humbled…and still feeling awesome…