BIG THX to everyone who tuned in to J-Man on 101.9 DAWG FM yesterday to hear the new track “Take My Money” off of our Devil City Saints project debut!!

Hey everyone! What a cool moment we had yesterday listening to the release of our new track, “Take My Money,” off of our new “The Devil City Saints” side project album, on 101.9 DAWG-FM ( here in Ottawa with Music Director J-MAN!!!!  Shortly after leaking this announcement on FaceBook and Twitter, we were surprised to get to much feedback from our friends and fans all over the globe as people from as far as Amsterdam and Australia, Latin America and the US all tuned in to catch the launch of the song….and to amazing feedback we might add!!!!

Although many of you have heard some rumours and snippets about a little side project in the works for some time, it has been pretty much kept on the “QT” so as not to give too much away.  For all of our “Sal Piamonte” RAWK fans, don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere…we’re still touring and RAWKIN’ out the “Lives In Devil City” album and building momentum (yes there are some new songs in the can there too…shhhhhh!)….and there will be a heck of a lot more RAWK coming this year…but because the band is so musical, we decided to challenge ourselves when the opportunity arose to be able to showcase our talents in a slightly different musical format…So Sal got to writing what he thought was going to be strictly a blues album in the initial stages for this little side project, and although there are definitely a solid 3-4 blues rockers on this 7 song beauty, the overall sound on this album is best described by a line in the song called “Devil City Saint” on the new album: “We’re 1 part the blues, 1 part you choose, 2 parts of Rock n’ Roll.”  Diverse, musically interesting, fun, and high energy…the album will encompass everything from rock to blues, to country, to swampy bayou to soul to a little train shufflin’ story tellin..all keeping that catchy pop sensibility that has come to define the Sal Piamonte sound….True to those of us who have seen us perform live, Sal wrote and produced this record keeping the same high energy and live feeling vibe on the recordings, but with a slightly rootsier and grittier approach.  The record showcases the talents of every current member of the Sal Piamonte band, including Sal , lead guitarist Mike Goyette, drummer Matt Babineau, and bass player Steve Poll.  The album is being mixed by Sal’s close friend and uber talented mixer Corey MacFadyen, who has recently mixed 2 of Sal’s previous song releases earlier this year-“Rolling in The Deep” (rock cover), and the Military Tribute Song, “Liberta.”  Additional engineering on the album has been performed by Mitch LeGuerrier, who has also been a part of the 2 previous single recordings with Corey and Sal. The album will also feature some guest appearances and spots, some of which include Mathieu Gagnon on harmonica from “Firebelly,” one of Canada’s hottest up and coming Blues acts,  Kim Vincent of “The Red Rails” singing back vox on a few tracks, and a few more names soon to be added!

The Devil City Saints is a band that pays homage to Sal & Co’s “Devil City” roots, but which will have an identity all their own….stay tuned, because this one is going to catch you TOTALLY by surprise!!!!!


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Money raised at our “HEALING HEIDI” Cancer Benefit pays for Heidi’s son to attend Daycare while she undergoes radiation therapy

Hey Everyone! It warms the heart to let you all know that as a result of all of the generosity of those who attended, performed, supported, and contributed to the “RAWKIN FOR HEIDI” Benefit, that we were able to raise enough money for Heidi’s son to attend daycare while she undergoes radiation therapy treatments!  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO WAS A PART OF THIS SPECIAL EVENT!!!

For those of you who would like to make a donation to help Heidi and her family as she continues to undergo treatments, please visit the HEALING HEIDI FACEBOOK PAGE:

Here was the most recent post from the Heiling Heidi FaceBook Donation page

“A huge thank you to Sal Piamonte & Friends for Rawkin’ for Heidi last Friday at Greenfield’s in Barrhaven. This amazing event raised enough $$ too cover Sam’s daycare while Heidi goes through her radiation therapy!!
Woohoo!! You rawk Sal!!
Thank you to all those who supported this fun fundraiser. Xo”

Thanks everyone!!!!





We are proud and pumped to announce that our “RAWKIN FOR HEIDI” event raised over $1300 for our friend Heidi and her family…Special thanks goes out to everyone who came out to support, donate, and help to make this such a special and memorable night!  Good will was in the air all night as the music entertainers donated their fees to the cause-namely TORN BELOVED, and even our friends STATIC REVOLT, who were unable to perform on this night but who still came out and raised money to support!!! A great set by Walter Ego closed off the night after Sal & Co. RAWKED with the many rawkers out there who danced up on the stage for more than half the show!!!


For those of you who would like to contribute and donate to help our friend Heidi, please visit the “HEALING HEIDI” facebook page and donate there!!!