Sal Piamonte proud to announce his recent custom guitar pick endorsement with Steve Clayton USA!!!

Hey Rawk Peeps!!!…Sal is proud to announce his recent endorsement deal with Steve Clayton, Inc., Guitar Picks!!!  For those of you who have been to the last bunch of shows, you might’ve caught a flying custom HOT PINK, WHITE, or BLACK pick with Sal’s logo & signature….well, so you know, those amazing picks are made by the amazing people at Steve Clayton USA!!!! Please be sure to check em’ out at: !!!  Make sure you tell’ em that Sal sent ya!!!!!

Not only are the people at Steve Clayton amazing to deal with, but they recognize the needs and ideas of each individual artist and branding.  You only have to visit their website to see how easy it is to create your own custom picks, and low and behold, if you have any issues or questions, they are super easy, and extremely helpful to deal with!!!  My personal experience with Amber has been fantastic…especially since she has been VERY patient waiting for us to post and announce this wonderful announcement!!!…A bunch of cool pictures will follow, but please take a moment to check em out!!!!  They RAWWWWKKKKKKK!!!!!!