The Story Behind the “Rolling In The Deep” Cover!

Hey everyone…to those of you who have been supporting the band and I for a long time, and to those new and just discovering “Sal Piamonte” and what we’re doing here in the SP camp, the wait is now over!!!….here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of our version of Adele’s amazing smash hit, “Rolling In The Deep.”

The story behind the song serves two purposes…first and foremost, for all of the amazing support we have been receiving from all of our fans (new and the ones there from the start) since releasing the new “Lives In Devil City” record in January 2012, this free download of our version of “Rolling In The Deep” is just one little way that we can show appreciation, and to say THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR AMAZING FANS!!! As you know, the journey of an independent artist is not an easy one, but when you have amazing fans and supporters, the impossible starts to become attainable, and we couldn’t do this without you.

The main reason I chose this song because I have a phenomenal amount of respect for it, and for it’s songwriters (Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, and Paul Richard Epworth). Some people thought that tackling such a massive hit from such a massive voice was practically suicidal, but I preferred to look at it as trying to rise to the occasion/challenge, and to pay homage to a great artist and song in a very unique way that I can still call my own-after all, music thrown into the world is meant for the world to share and embrace, especially one as powerful as this!

Secondly, while working the first single, “Take Me Home,” off of the new “Lives In Devil City” record, I became frustrated with many major stations who admitted that they loved the song, but that their listeners didn’t know it yet, or me for that matter. In no way is this meant to repel radio stations from playing my music, but part of me was like “okay, here…I’ll take the biggest and most successful song of the last few years, performed by one of the world’s biggest artists, and I will not only do it justice, but I will give your listeners something that they can recognize and relate to so that they can open the doors to the original music that I have to offer to the world.”

All I hope is that you all appreciate it, enjoy it, and do me one more huge favour would’ ya?….PLEASE TALK AND REQUEST THIS AT ANY AND ALL RADIO STATIONS IN YOUR CORNER OF THE WORLD!!!! All you gotta do is request the “Rolling In The Deep Rock Version by Sal Piamonte!”

On behalf of myself, the band, and everyone working so hard to help me get my music out to the masses, THANK YOU SINCERELY for listening, and paying attention….You are making a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!


Rolling In The Deep credits:

Written by Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, and Paul Richard Epworth

Original Version Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd., and Melted Stone Publishing Ltd.

Sal Piamonte Cover Version:

Produced by Sal Piamonte
Mixed and Mastered by Corey MacFadyen
Engineered by: Mitch LeGuerrier, Matt LeGuerrier, and Jon “Wreckin’ Ball” Schulz
Additional engineering by Sal Piamonte and Corey MacFadyen
Lead guitar: Michael Goyette
Vocals & Rhythm guitars: Sal Piamonte
Drums/percussion: Matt Babineau
Bass: Steve Poll
Background Vocals by Iyono and Corey MacFadyen

Recorded at Grand Family Studios (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

C 2012 Grand Family Entertainment Inc.