So in my mind, Canada’s got a lot to answer for. Celine Dion, Nickelback and Bryan Adams have never been formally apologized for – well, except for South Park’s apology for Bryan Adams, but that barely counts. It’s not only Canada being offensive lately – “Rock of Age”s the Movie? Please, someone save us from Tom Cruise and his three photoshop’d octaves. Is that what the media really thins rock is about – a freaking warmed over musical?

Maybe Sal Piamonte’s new release “Lives In Devil City” is that olive branch being extended over the border.sal

Now, before Canadians flash mob me and beat me sensless with hockey sticks or tookes, if this is what your bands are going to sound like from this point forward, you are welcomed back to the rock community. These tight thirteen tracks are much more Alabama sounding than whereever and whatever Southern Canada may sound like. This is old school pop rock that your mom can listen to without feeling like she’s sold her soul to the Kiss Army when you put in on the car.

Piamonte’s a songwriter and a peformer that seems to be  taking the vodoo child vibe to the highest degree. To that end, he might be uniquely suited to sing about what he does – by day, the man is a criminal profiler. Yes, that kind of criminal profiler. He’s said that he’s bold about declaring his feeling that many of his songs have “written themselves,” as though he is literally pulling the ideas out of the sky. No, it’s not Motorhead hard – it does not need to be. There is a place for pop rock like Piamonte lays down, and honestly, who else is doing it with any grace and style right now?

Expanding on his numerous past successes, the singer’s deep connections to the universe are translating perfectly to the hearts of thousands of listeners throughout Canada. “Take Me Home” received adds and features on stations such as The Wave in Yarmouth, NS, 99.1 in Wallaceburg, ON, 106.1 The Goat in Lloydsminster AB, Rock 101 Radio and The Wolf 106 in Nanaimo, BC. He also recently earned first place as well as Artist of the Month on the New Artist Online voting at CKXSFM’s fan polls. He is currently ranking at #7 (out of hundreds) for a coveted showcase spot in the 2012 MIDEM Showcase competition in Cannes. His upcoming show at the Toronto Independent Music Awards is the latest of hundreds of performances throughout Canada, including performances at Massey Hall in Toronto, where he has shared the stage with Sheriff/Alias, Animotion, Alan Frew of Glass Tiger, Kevin Hearn of Barenaked Ladies and others. Fans have been mesmerized by a sound that the Canadian media has found unique ways to describe over the years.

“This record paints a quasi-narrative in a fictional ‘Devil City’  that highlights my personal dealings with these shady characters-from so-called ‘friends’ to lovers, to acquaintances, and how their selfishness and short-sightedness helped me to discover what I truly had to offer, while sending a message that I will never let anyone break or bring me down, no matter the odds.  From a songwriting point of view, that has always been my forte, but writing this record didn’t really come with a whole lot of digging or soul searching in the typical sense…the material was simply there, at-the-ready, for me to sift and sort through, and to present on an edgy, yet pop-sensible enough canvas, to be able to accurately convey the message.” 

Isn’t that really what music should be all about – should it not touch something inside of us, and drive us to happiness, rage, disgust, passion or laughter ? Too often, music takes on all of society’s ills, as if it’s some sort of magic pill to make everything and everyone better. I get the feeling that Piamonte plays and writes from the heart, and makes no excuses along the way for what, who and why he is who he is. His music does what it does, and makes no apologies for it.

Listening to “Devil Woman” makes it clear that Piamonte can right engaging songs that your going to remember, and even just the intro for “Tonight” is more substantial than most one hit wonders being shoved down our throats by the majors and filing the Sunset Strip right now. Sal would be a welcome addition to the WeHo rock circuit, and would be very much at home in an intimate club like the Roxy. Here’s hoping he comes out West soon – there might even be a cold case waiting for you..Of American beer that is….
Pick up Sal’s work on iTunes today.