FAN TIDBITS!…Check out a video blog Sal put together after the 1st day of the making of the “Lives In Devil City” record!!!

Hey Folks…now that the new “Lives In Devil City” record is complete, I thought I might share a video blog or 2 that I was trying to keep up with when the album recording started. Naturally, after the 2nd or 3rd one, I got too overwhelmed with writing, recording, and producing the album to continue editing and filming video blogs….not to mention, I TOTALLY SUCK AT VIDEO EDITING….think I’ll leave it to the pros from now on 😉 …..If you’re interested in in delving into my headspace going into and during the record, then you might find this kinda neat! Check it out at:

Nevertheless…thanks to all of you out there supporting my music and for enduring my amateur foray into reality film making!

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Live clip of our song “Go All Night” sent to us from one of our fans (zaphod’s show-04-14-2012)!

Hey guys! Thanks to Angie for sending us this Iphone-captured clip of the last song of our set on Saturday night at Zaphod’s in Ottawa.  The song is called “Go All Night”….with a little twist somewhere in the middle! 😉

Thanks Angie and we hope you all enjoy it!

More news coming!!


Sal Piamonte-Go All Night-Live at Zaphods (Ottawa, 04-14-2012)

Some Live Pics sent to us from some AWESOME fans at our show on Saturday night!!!


Thanks so much to our wonderful fans for sharing some pics and vids of our show this past Saturday night! We have more stuff to post but we figured we’d at least put some stuff up for now for you all to have a look at!

Get ready Toronto!!!!!!….May 4th is quickly approaching!!!!…YOU’RE NEXT BABY!!!!!….The Smiling Buddah….here we come!!!!!!







Hey Everyone! Just wanted to announce another fantastic album review for all of you to check it out! Much thanks to Cyrus Rhodes at for his critical and positive review of the new “Lives In Devil City” record! MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!

You can find it at:

Or just read it here:


CD REVIEW: Sal Piamonte – Lives in the Devil City 
By Cyrus Rhodes – 04/12/2012 – 03:27 PM EDT

Artist: Sal Piamonte
Album: Lives in the Devil City
Label: Independent Artist
Genre: Alternative Rock and Progressive Metal
Sounds Like: Live, Alice Cooper, Weezer, John Mayer
Technical Grade: 7/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 8/10
Commercial Value: 9/10
Overall Talent Level: 7/10
Songwriting Skills: 8/10
Performance Skill: 7/10
Best Songs: Devil Woman, Take Me Home, Go All Night
Weakness: A few winded songs. Repetive Sound, Bright Mix
CD Review: Ottawa based singer/songwriter Sal Piamonte just released his latest CD entitled Lives in the Devil City in 2012.  Reading from his bio ”He’s rocking Heaven and Earth with a dangerously catchy twist on the timeless battle of good and evil.” So far so good.

The CD starts things off with “Big Sleazy Intro” a short prelude of sorts that leads you head first intro Track 2 ”Take Me Home” a dynamic guitar driven intro-groove that serves up steady rock rhythm against catchy vocal melodies, sizzling solos and hooky chorus from Piamonte. Track 3 is hands down my personal favorite “Devil Woman” keeps things moving with its driving rock rhythm, thought provoking lyrical content against a grand slam chorus. This track evolves into a solid rock groove with clever lyrical content and impressive vocal passion – all in all an amazing piece. Track 4 “Get Up, Get Up” is a hypnotic ditty with rock steady groove painted against impressive musical ambience, well placed harmonies against a heartfelt vocal delivery. As the CD slowly unfolds I can hear many musical influences reminiscent of classic Live, John Mayer, Todd Rundgren and perhaps a splash of Alice Cooper and even Weezer. Despite my pigeonholing I will add Piamonte is one artists that has a unique sound. This CD makes a pretty solid first impression. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures and ambience overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, variety and strong melodic structure. I would classify this music as catchy hard rock, with a slight aftertaste of alternative and pop. Make no bones about it – this guy is a rocker but the songs themselves are addictive, cathy with subject matter that can push hard. The musicianship is pretty solid across the board. Piamonte showcases good production instincts and knows how to bring the passion. Along the way you will notice lush layers of instrumentation layered everywhere. Besides the 4 piece standard you will also catch impressive things well placed solo guitar, ambient touches and miscellaneous sampling, flute, piano, thick as a brick rhythm section and well placed vocal harmonies layered everywhere. Piamonte’s voice works well across the board as he fills the sonic space reckless abandon. I might add Piamonte brings allot of vocal passion to the table with powerful messages and no holds barred lyrical content. All songs are compelling, thought provoking musical experiences. From heartfelt “Just a Bit” to psychedelic “Tonight” to rocking “Shining Star” to catchy “Nasty Girl” to rocking “Watcha Say” this CD has something for just about everyone. The CD ends with Tack 11 “Go All night” and Track 12 “Big Sleazy Outro” the perfect bookend finale statements for a CD of this caliber.

It’s fair to say Piamonte’s sound is a bit repetitive overall. Track for track, song for song it’s hard to tell one song from the next. It’s also fair to say this is a very bright “in your face” mix. These types of mixes are really designed to maximize radio marketability – I get that. But at the end of these type of productions can be a real wear on the ears. All songs over 3.5 minutes tend to drag you to the finish line.

Lives in the Devil City bySal Piamonte is an impressive musical production from start to finish. The music is consistent; the messages will push you, make you think and are and sung from a deeply honest perspective. It’s strong suit – the wide musical variety and overall vocal passion from Piamonte. He clearly possesses enough musical talent and songwriting prowess to be extremely dangerous. The musicianship is first rate. Once again the vocals, vocal harmonies and melodic accents are brilliantly placed and extremely well crafted. Bottom Line – Sal Piamonte has carved out a unique yet marketable niche for himself withn this unique fusion of Hard Rock and Melodic Rock.  


Hey Everyone! I meant to post this last week but with all the chaos leading up to our show this past Saturday at Zaphod’s I completely drew a blank and forgot to post!……So…with no further delay, I would like to proudly announce…and graciously thank the amazing Coral Rose for the Q & A we did for her website!

Take a sec and check it out at:

Or read it here:

Coral Rose gets Up Close & Personal with Sal Piamonte



Sal Piamonte


City, Country: 

Ottawa, Canada


How old were you when you decided you wanted to become a singer?


I was musical at a very early age but never truly discovered I had a voice until I was around 17.


Who musically inspired you?


I am constantly being inspired by amazing artists such as Adele, Coldplay, etc…but I grew up surrounded by the sounds of Top 40 music, soul, and the Beatles. My all-time favourite is Michael Jackson, but I didn’t completely find my rock groove until my early 20’s…Overall, I am inspired by many great artists: Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, the Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Led Zeppelin, Kid Rock, the Black Crowes, Van Halen, Seether, Dr. Dre and on and on and on…


How old were you when you performed on stage?


The first time I ever performed publicly was at the age of 7 on the front steps of my grandmother’s house for a group of road workers who were asphalting the street in the neighbourhood where my grandparents lived. All of the men were of Italian decent (as was were my grandparents), and were taking their lunch break when my grandmother sent me out on the front steps to play for them.  The guitar was bigger than I was, but once I launched into the “Sicilian Tarantella,” they were shocked and sang along as I performed. For the next few days as they finished asphalting the street, they would ask me to play for them at lunch, asking my grandmother to send out the “little boy with the big guitar.”


What is your favourite song of all time?


No favourites, but a number of worthy mentions…too many to name really so I’ll name a few: Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye), Red House (Jimi Hendrix), LA Woman (The Doors), Panama (Van Halen), California Love (Tupac), Juicy (Notorious B.I.G.), Paradise City (Guns n’ Roses)…and on and on…


Who would you like to be compared to?


Oh wow…that is a tough question to answer.  I am not one of those artists that gets too worked up over comparisons because everyone has a different opinion, flavour, subjective preference for style etc…As long as I am compared to people in this world who are creating a positive difference on this planet, or for humanity, be it with their music, voice, work, message, or energy, then I am satisfied with that.


If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?… (Rules you cannot wish for multiple wishes or to live forever!)


1.    World Peace.

2.    A cure for all diseases.

3.    To know the truth about area 51.


Where do you want to be in 5 years time?


Touring the world with my family and performing my music to audiences (LARGE ONES) all over the planet.


Name one of your favourite films of all time & say why!


ROCKY….who doesn’t love the story of a fighting underdog???


Musically, where are you up to at the moment?


Right now I am full-steam ahead and focused on my new “Lives In Devil City” record.  My band and I are honing the live show and working hard to get the album out to the masses….that being said, my creative juices are getting close to impossible to contain so don’t be surprised if some brand new material gets tested and tried at upcoming live shows!


Where can people find out you?


My official website at is the best source for all things “Sal Piamonte.” From there, you could access my FB, Twitter, YouTube links, and keep updated with my website blog and tour schedule that is always up to date!…AND…you can also order an album via my website or link to ITunes where you will find my newest album, “Lives In Devil City,” as well as my two previous efforts, “Free Money,” and “Rogue.”


Whats next for Sal Piamonte?


Growing my musical message around the world with new videos…new friends and fans…new tour dates…new music…and new adventures (blissfully naughty ones included)!!!!…Tune in and find out! I plan on being everywhere and OFTEN!!!…

More to come!