An 8.4/10 Album Review by Strutter’zine Magazine in Holland on the new “Lives In Devil City” record!

Hey Everyone! We hope that the New Year is bringing you all much love and success so far!  We are happy to report on another fantastic album review for the new “Lives In Devil City” record!  Have a great weekend! Here it is:


Canadian rocker SAL PIAMONTE definitely has got all it takes to become the next big Rockstar. His music is quite typical Northern American and resembling a style that combines elements of KID ROCK, LENNY KRAVITZ, KING OF THE HILL and some DAUGHTRY/NICKELBACK/BO BICE. A little Southern Rock here, a lot of groovy gang-vocal driven midtempo Heavy Rock there and even a typical late 80s radio-ready Melodic Power Rockballad is thrown in for good measure as well (“Just a little bit” is basically pure WARRANT circa “Heaven” and “Sometimes she cries”), but Sal also goes for uptempo catchy Melodic Rock sometimes, such as during the best song “Tonight” that has a chorus that would not be out of place on a FRONTIERS RECORDS release! However, these are only a few songs that could be qualified as pure Melodic Rock, because most of the album is a mix of Classic Rock the groovy American Hardrock way and Modern Rock, like KID ROCK meets AEROSMITH meets a rockier THREE DOORS DOWN. Anyway, Sal still has an own identity, as he takes the best of all kinds of Rockstyles, mixes it up and thanks to his very strong production, the overall feeling of this CD is quite good. Sal impresses more than on one occasion and truly delivers here a high quality major label ish release, on which he by the way does a lot on his own (not only the excellent singing, but also the production, guitars and bass). It surely sounds like a 2011 record, very fresh and still interesting enough for the melodic rockfans with an open-mind to check out at: and and

(Points: 8.4 out of 10)