4.5/5 Album Rating by MusicEmissions for the new Sal Piamonte-LIVES IN DEVIL CITY RECORD!

4.5/5 Album Rating by MusicEmissions for the new Sal Piamonte-LIVES IN DEVIL CITY RECORD!

Hey Everyone! The good news in 2012 keeps rollin’ in for the new Sal Piamonte “LIVES IN DEVIL CITY” Record! Have a read and enjoy! Thx for all your support and please keep it comin’!

“Canada’s Sal Piamonte first broke into the music scene with the release of his EP “Rouge” in 2008.  In 2010, he released the self-produced LP, “Free Money”.  Now, Piamonte is rocking eardrums with Lives in Devil City.  I repeat… rocking.

The first single, “Take Me Home” is already getting radio play.  Piamonte sings about a very unique girl who will “rock your world”. Who can resist a rocker’s love song? The album gets more impressive after each track.  “Devil Woman” and “Get Up Get Up” really shows the compatibility between Piamonte’s strong voice and his backup band.

The album takes a slower twist with “Just A Little Bit”. Perfectly placed on the album, the song shows the softer side to Piamonte. I hope to see similar tracks like this on his future releases. “Tonight” might be my favorite song. The opening bass beats and Piamonte’s echoing voice will stick in your head, and for good reason.  If there is that one song you repeat immediately after listening to it, it will be this one.

In “Shining Star”, Piamonte puts the ballads aside and rages. He creatively gets his meaning across with the lyrics, “Now you’re reeking/ all the lies and the shit that you sold me/Like a pretty little cake/That I ate, yeah/That I choked on/And tried not to spit out/So you would be ok”.

The rest of the album does not falter. In fact, I already recommended Lives in Devil City to my friend who is a fan of Hinder and Scott Stapp. Although, I do not like comparing artists to one another, Sal Piamonte is someone my friend needs to hear. “Go All Night” ends the album and will leave you wanting more. Although I have never seen Piamonte live, I am curious to see him and his band rock out on stage.”
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