Hey Everyone!  I am pumped to announce that our first radio single, “Take Me Home,” off of the new LIVES IN DEVIL CITY record will be released to radio Nationwide this Sunday night!  The new website is almost up and running and you will be able to stream the song right from the new site for your listening pleasure! This is an exciting time for myself, the band, and everyone who has been a part of my team to help build momentum for the new record…and journey…

Soooo….if you hear the music playing on the radio in your city, PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEE don’t be shy to call or contact the station to request the song!  Your support means EVERYTHING and we can’t wait to bring the live show to your town!!!!

Updates will follow with links to various radio stations in different cities where you can request “TAKE ME HOME.”

THANKS AGAIN AND STAY TUNED!!!!….lots of news on the way including our upcoming CD Release Launch of “LIVES IN DEVIL CITY” on Saturday, October 8th @ The Live Lounge in Ottawa (with special guests Titan Rain)….

Geeeeet reeeeeaaaaadddyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!