Sal here…just wanted to thank all of you for your emails, fb msgs, twitter comments, and youtube views/comments over the last year!…As some of you may or may not know, last year was a big year for me and the “Free Money” LP that I wrote, recorded, and produced. After touring the album throughout last summer/fall, shooting two videos for the singles “Ain’t No Time (Like A Good Time),” and “1000 Miles,” with talented director and pal Adrian Langley, and on the verge of releasing the first single off of “Free Money,” to radio, something pretty cool happened….a friend of mine living in Los Angeles who I had recently visited, and who I gave an advance copy of the album to, asked me if she could bring the cd to someone who might be interested in my music…shortly after, I was blessed to win over some more hearts and signed a worldwide publishing deal with the highly esteemed 2850 Music…it’s been a year filled with lots of hard work, but being recognized and rewarded for my songwriting is something I am extremely proud of….and look to only expand and improve upon in the years to come!

Needless to say, while my publishing company is hard at work pushing the “Free Money” album and my music catalogue, I decided to go straight to work on ANOTHER new rock record, which I just completed about a week ago. The new Sal Piamonte record will be called “LIVES IN DEVIL CITY,” and was written, composed, and produced by myself, and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Eric Disero. The record is a 10 song LP of hard hitting Rock n’ Roll songs which I feel is my best record to date.

Along with a new record also comes a new line-up of incredibly talented souls rounding out the live band. They include drummer/bongoist/cowbeller extraordinaire Dan Stadnicki (Serial Joe/Liam Titcombe), lead guitarist Mike Goyette (Artificial Joy Club), organ/keys/additional guitar/bk vocalist Eric Disero, MYSELF on lead vocals and rhythm guitars, and our new bass player which I am excited to announce in the upcoming days!

We are gearing to shoot a video for the first single in the next little while, and our live shows will begin starting end of August and early September. The new album will soon go to press and the website will soon get a new look so please come by often as things are just beginning to ramp up!

Well that’s that in a nutshell, so thanks again for all your support, and stay tuned for the new album “LIVES IN DEVIL CITY,” coming to a city near you!!!!!….and if ya haven’t done so, please download my previous albums “Free Money,” and “Rogue” on ITunes!!!!

Thanks again for all of your support and see you all verrrryyyy soon!!!!….frequent updates to come fast and furious so be ready!!!!