Hello again my dear friends and fans! THANK YOU for all of your emails, questions, and interest in my upcoming new album project, and for requesting me and my band in your cities!…I am grateful and humbled by all of your incredible support and I promise to return the favour with some brand spankin’ new NEWS!!!…

To begin with, after a few changes, the upcoming full-length album will be called “Free Money.” It has been a true labour of love in every sense of the word as I also decided to take on production duties-both musical and executive-for the entire album.  The current track listing includes 15 songs which may or may not remain that way but that decision won’t be finalized until after all of the final mixes are complete.  This album has literally taken hundreds of hours already, and I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t sacrificed A LOT throughout this journey…Also of interest for this new album is that I decided to release it under the “Sal Piamonte Band.” These 15 songs capture the live energy and power of the band and boasts no “true ballads,”….but beware of any potential hidden tracks!…To answer some questions I have received, “yes, some of your live favourites will definately appear on this record,” as well as a new and improved version of “The Rogue,” which was only ever released digitally via ITunes, Amazon, etc…

That being said, the first single, titled: “Ain’t No Time (Like A Good Time), along with a new video, directed by the very talented Adrian Langley (, are both ready and I will be sending word out very shortly about official release and launch dates!!!  In fact, we are in the midst of planning some high-octane release parties, celebrating the new album, the new single, the new video, and the new journey!

To those of you following me on myspace, facebook, my website blog (, please feel free to add yet another social networking route, twitter!!!…Yes,….that’s right folks, now I can tweet to my heart’s desire with all of you, ensuring that everything but a phone call delivers up to the minute Sal Piamonte Band news to you instantly!…brother…what’s next?!?!….lol…for those of you who are already tweeters, my twitter address is:

Aside from the CD release shows that are in the works, there are a few other upcoming gigs on the agenda for October….they are:

  • Friday, October 16, 2009 @ Clinton’s Tavern, Toronto, ON
  • A still to be confirmed show @ Maverick’s Bar, Ottawa, ON (with White Cowbell Oklahoma) in October as well

Oh, and my album “Rogue,” can still be purchased on the home page of my website for a bargain price of $9, or you can purchase the the album at my live shows for $10. More importantly it is now available for purchase through Itunes, Amazon, Yahoo Music, and other digital outlets as well….Cool merch is also available on the merch section of my webpage so go get yourself some stuff already!

More updates will soon follow this one!

Much love, peace, and prosperity to all of you!…oh, and by the way, did I mention that I am now a proud uncle for the first time?!?!?…HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!…everyone, please say hello to Baby D, or who I like to call, ” The Fonze!”….eeeeehhhhhhhh…….